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Case Studies

Skanska UK plc

Cheney Payroll Services have been working with us for a year, on a two-pronged approach. Firstly supporting our payroll team as part of our business as usual function and secondly undertaking the role as payroll project lead, helping us to improve our iTrent configuration and develop the system to incorporate 800 employees from our legacy payroll system.

Within the support role Cheney Payroll Services have been carrying out for us, there has being a streamlining of payroll elements, absences schemes and general support for the Payroll team as there has been a significant turnover of staff.  Cheney Payroll Services have been at the forefront of ensuring that our payroll operation continued and made sure that the organisation’s employees were paid on time and correctly.

On the Project, Cheney Payroll Services has been designing the system configuration with the assistance of the business, to ensure that the Terms and Conditions are captured and interpreted in a consistent manner.  This involved significant work comparing the differences across the business and looking to consolidate the configuration into a smaller number of payroll elements, calculations, payrolls and absence schemes as possible.  There has also been significant work carried out on the end to end payroll and HR processes, streamlining and redesigning where necessary.

This will bring significant savings to the business both in monetary value and headcount.  Allowing the payroll team to give added value to the company, ensuring that the employee are paid correctly and on time.

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