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Case Studies

East Coast Mainline Ltd

In June 2010, East Coast Mainline Ltd brought its payroll function back in-house, from the previous incumbents of the franchise.

The contract with the former payroll provider ended in the August of that year and upon appointing Martyn to the Payroll Manager position, there was a short time frame for the creation of the team, consultation with the unions and wider business to understand their needs and requirements to ensure continuity of service.

The payroll team encountered problems during the handover of the service and in subsequent months, but with Martyn’s guidance these were overcome and working with the team, new processes and procedures created to follow the new way of working.

Continuous improvements were made to the system to streamline the system, improving processing times which in turn cut the amount of overtime worked in the department, delivering significant savings to the businesses.

Martyn also worked with the company to implement a time and attendance system across the departments, which gave the organisation a wider visibility of the overtime costs incurred, hours worked to comply with the safety responsibilities of the railway industry and the absences within the business. The result of this project was more capacity in the payroll team and a reduced workload, again giving more savings overall, not only monetary but in work-life balance too.

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